Discover the Exclusive All In One Loan™ with Colorado Mortgage Company

At Colorado Mortgage Company, we're thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking All In One Loan™, also known as the "Principal First" loan. Distinctively designed, this unique mortgage product prioritizes your principal balance, ensuring payments target the principal daily. The result? Reduced interest payments month-to-month (ARM) and a faster route to owning your home outright.

Merging the functions of a mortgage, checking, and savings account into a unified platform, the All In One Loan™ draws inspiration from successful models in the UK and Australia. Though gaining momentum internationally, it remains a novel concept in the US, offering a distinct advantage, especially in the face of rising interest rates. Its design inherently resists fluctuating rate impacts.

Why consider the All In One Loan™?

1. It's a game-changer for borrowers seeking strategic solutions to boost their financial wellness.
2. By minimizing mortgage interest, it amplifies your ability to accumulate household savings.

Dive into the future of mortgage solutions with us. Explore the All In One Loan™ today.

Key Features of The AIO Loan Product

  • This loan operates similarly to a secured checking account, empowering borrowers to leverage their income to diminish mortgage interest.
  •   Seamlessly integrate your mortgage and everyday banking with a single, efficient account.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock access to your deposited funds via ATM debit cards, checks, online bill payments, and ACH transfers.
  • Ideal for those with strong credit profiles and households that maintain a positive cash flow.

Advantages of the AIO

  • Every deposit you make directly diminishes your principal, leading to an immediate balance reduction.
  • Benefit from a 30-year term that lets you tap into home equity without the need for refinancing.
  • Empower yourself to clear your home loan quicker, accelerate equity accumulation, and unlock funds for wealth-building endeavors.

Check out the interactive simulator here.

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